Welcome to the Deathless Boreal

DENIZEN is a story driven lore-heavy First Person Shooter with focus on mystery, character interaction and puzzle solving. You will become Professor Sylvius Reko, the resident expert on Science and Occult Studies at the University of Helsinki, Finland.

Sylvius's research has led him to the far corners of the earth in search for knowledge, but his consuming obsession could quickly lead to insanity...

Sylvius confronts the mystery

Today's Prototype:

The Kepler Research Institute

Welcome to the Kepler Research Institute. Once the last bastion of hope for the denizens of the Boreal KRI is now in ruins. Once its halls were a place of safety and scientific pursuit. Now they have been ravaged by the forest's curse and the horrors of unchecked science.

The Kepler Labs prototype is available on

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